Student Login

CRC Sydenham has recently changed logins to your google docs.

The old login <student number> will now be:-

<student number>

Your password will remain the same.

From -   <usernumber>

To     -   <usernumber>

All your existing documents have already been transferred across.

Please feel free to contact ICT Support if you have any issues logging into this domain.




Download Google Chrome which is freeware Web Browser by Google.

Create a Profile in Chrome:-

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click the button with your name or People.
  3. Click Manage People.
  4. Click Add People.
  5. Choose a photo and a name.
  6. Click Save. A new window will open with your new user profile and ask you to sign in.
  7. Sign in to Chrome with a Google Account for the new profile.
Notice that the first time you create a new user profile, Chrome will actually create two profiles: One called "Default Profile" or Person 1 for the person who is currently signed in to Chrome, and one for the new profile that you just created.





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