Senior Pathways Handbook

2017 Senior Pathways Administrative Handbook


The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) are certificates conducted under the auspices of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, a Victorian Government instrumentality. The VCAA has directed Colleges to formulate their own policies and procedures relating to:

  • the work that students are required to complete;
  • how students submit their work;
  • procedures for obtaining an extension of time to complete a task;
  • class attendance requirements;
  • timelines and deadlines for submitting tasks;
  • internal school appeal procedures.

In accordance with this direction Catholic Regional College Sydenham provides the enclosed information for use during 2017.

Completion of the VCE or VCAL may lead to a variety of future options including employment and/or further study at TAFE or University.

At Catholic Regional College Sydenham our guiding principle is to ensure each student achieves their best through engagement in a learning pathway that allows them to develop their own unique gifts and talents. We strongly encourage students to select learning programs for which they have demonstrated a propensity and clear capability.

Both the VCE and VCAL reflect the College's commitment to academic rigour and we strive to achieve results for each student that exemplifies excellence for that student. To that end we will guide students into courses that are appropriate for them and will be proactive in ensuring their capacity to undertake selected studies or combinations of subjects prior to the commencement of their final years.

Students and parents need to be aware that the move into senior secondary education has additional responsibilities for students and increased expectations. For example, skills such as time management and organisation will be dependent more on the student's own self-discipline and self motivation than in previous years.

Catholic Regional College Sydenham provides course selection and careers advice to all students. However, it is important that, before committing to a particular course, students and parents avail themselves of other information beyond this guide. These additional sources may include past and present students, current teachers, other parents, employer groups, tertiary institutions and career centres.

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