Student Wellbeing Support

Student Wellbeing support provides comprehensive programs for the students at Catholic Regional College.

Programs offered include:

Pastoral Care program, this runs every Tuesday in period four called Pastoral Care. The program includes many wellbeing/ health issues concerning young adults.

Issues covered in the program include:

Cyber Bullying 

Workplace Bullying 

Careers session 

Drug use 

Elevate Education 

Mental Health (depression) 

Cluster Masses, Cluster Assemblies and Cluster Feast Days 

Other programs offered to students include:

Year 11 Relationship Day 

Wednesday Afternoon Wellbeing Activities 

Transition from junior campus to Sydenham campus

Federation friends 

Case management 

Student Services:-

Student Services is a one stop shop for students and the programs designed to support them in their studies. These programs include specialist educational programs, student wellbeing and counselling, careers, literacy support, as well as work placement and work planning.

Student Services includes:-

  • Careers Team (Josie Albano, Marj Peel)
  • Special Program Support (Janet Doolan, Naomi Bartley)
  • Literacy Support (Shirlee Charles, Dorothy Clare, Allison Stevens)
  • Counselling Support (Psychologist Monica Dennis, and part time Social Worker Sharyn D'Souza)
  • Director of Student Wellbeing (Frankie Flanagan)
  • Work Placement Officer (Janine Thomas)

Students can visit the student services building or ask their tutor for more information. As a parent or caregiver, you may phone the school on 9361 0000 and ask to be put through to student services. We look forward to meeting you




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