Mental Health Problems

A person who has positive mental health, has good emotional and social wellbeing and the capacity to cope with change and challenges. However, it is often extremely normal to feel as though your thoughts, feelings and actions are constantly changing and making everyday activities such as school, work or relationships really difficult. Navigating your way through adolescence can be an incredibly challenging and perplexing time. Natural hormonal changes mean that most teenagers experience significantly lowered mood and a distinct drop in motivation and energy. Nonetheless, when feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety etc. start to persist for long periods of time or start to interfere with daily life, then it is often a good idea to have a chat to someone and see what can be done to support you.

Often, mental health problems are not very severe or long lasting. At some stage in our lives we all experience symptoms of mental health problems. Be it anxiety before a test, sadness after a relationship ends, or anger when we experience something difficult. There are many signs that may suggest it is a good idea to seek help including:-

  • Not enjoying, or wanting to participate, in things that would normally bring happiness
  • Interrupted sleep patterns or sleeping a lot more than you usually do
  • Changes in appetite including both eating a lot more or eating significantly less than normal
  • Being easily irritated or becoming angry with family and friends for no reason
  • Your school results start to drop
  • Getting involved with behaviours which you normally wouldn’t do, that place you at risk, such as binge drinking or taking drugs
  • Feeling restless or tense
  • Crying without any understanding as to why
  • Feeling sad or down, hopeless or worthless
  • Difficulty concentrating or issues with your memory
  • Having a lot of negative thoughts
  • Feeling unusually stressed or worried
For more information on the symptoms of mental health problems visit the beyondblue website for youth at:

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