Where Can I Get Help?

Getting help early makes a massive difference to how quickly and how effectively someone recovers from the mental health concern. You can visit your GP, a counselor, community health services or government places such as Headspace. There is also the option to receive assistance from online counselling which may be a short term level of support. Some good online counseling includes:- (Available between 4pm-10pm)

There are also a number of telephone services you can call to assist you if you are struggling:-

Lifeline:                      13 11 14

Kids Helpline:              1800 551 800

Suicide Helpline:          1300 651 251

Parent Line:                 13 22 89

Beyond Blue Info line:  1300 224 636 

Police:                          000

Sunshine Hospital:       8345 1333

Child Protection:          1300 369 536

Getting help early means that treatment of your symptoms can occur before they become too overwhelming and disabling. This can help you stay on top of your school, personal and work life. A mental health professional has the knowledge to be able to teach you skills and strategies for managing the problem, while you continue to function in everyday life.

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