It is the wish of the parents of CRC that the College has a uniform and therefore the basic principle ought to be that if we have a uniform, then it ought to be worn well.

The rationale for this is as follows :

Attention to personal appearance can help promote a sense of self worth and give some expression to it.

CRC is a community and all its members can benefit from the common reputation. The tidy wearing of the common uniform is one of the criteria used by employers and the public at large to evaluate the worth of an educational institution, and therefore it is in the best interests of all to have it worn well.

If, in normal circumstances, the compliance of students with the uniform is to be demanded of any student, then it is to be demanded of all. To allow some to vary the uniform at will, is to create a situation of injustice for the majority who comply willingly with the stated uniform policy.

If there is a legitimate reason for any item of uniform not being able to be worn, a note from a parent or guardian is required. The note must be given to, and signed by your cluster co-ordinator. A formal exemption will be given for the time necessary to meet the uniform requirements. Students who have not produced a note are in breach of school policy and must accept the consequences of their actions. 

(Refer to the Student Policies section for further information on Pastoral Care, Student Management and Uniform)

Further information regarding the school's uniform shop and directions to get there can be downloaded here.

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