My First Day

When I look at Catholic Regional College Sydenham I see a whole school community made up of staff, students and families all working together as one to allow the school to be a great place.  I was very nervous on my first day but I knew that all students from the feeder campuses were being united to study Years 11 and 12.  The nervousness subsided as I realised how fortunate I was to attend this college and now I have new friends from the different feeder campuses.  I have been able to study diverse subjects of my choice and work in a friendly environment for staff and students.

There are many opportunities at Catholic Regional College Sydenham.  If you enjoy music and arts there are always performances held during lunchtime and assembly gatherings.  If you enjoy sports there are lunchtime competitions and inter-school sports. Or if you enjoy just sitting and chatting with your friends there is always the cafeteria, The Green, Red Square or more quiet places around the school.  

There are also many leadership prospects for both Year 11 and 12, and many are on offer within the Student Leadership Group.  Being a student leader myself I find it enjoyable working with others to organise fundraising events and other activities.  If students have any questions or wish to contribute new ideas, we, as student leaders, can offer them a voice.

My time here has been very interesting, enjoyable and a challenge and this is what will stay in my mind as the years go on.


Attending a senior campus is a fantastic way to complete your Years 11 and 12.  With all students at the campus past the compulsory age to attend school and studying their VCE and VCAL, you know that everyone is committed to their studies.

Catholic Regional College Sydenham may be a senior college, but it definitely has a university feel to it.  It has been a great experience for me and I would highly recommend this school for anyone wishing to pursue their VCE and VCAL studies.



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