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Catholic Regional College Sydenham first opened for classes in February 1982 with 136 students. This year is the twenty fifth year of the College's existence and our College has become the largest senior secondary Catholic College in Victoria.

Approximately 5000 students have graduated from the College and so in our Silver Jubilee Year it is appropriate to establish a Past Students' Association.

CRC Sydenham continues  to provide an education which is dynamic, innovative and flexible and one that not only promotes excellence but also engages students in their learning. We also recognise that when our students leave CRC Sydenham that they have been prepared by the College to contribute to the broader community. We wish to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of our past students, to reconnect with them so that they can continue to enrich our lives with their stories.

If you are or know of a CRC Sydenham graduate please contact us so that we may reestablish contact and welcome them back to CRC Sydenham.

Aims of the Association

The Catholic Regional College Sydenham Past Students' Association seeks to provide a point of contact for students who have attended the college at some time. The aims of the Association include:

  • To build links between former students       
  • To strengthen friendships between former students       
  • To provide opportunities for networking        
  • Organise social activities where members can get together either formally or informally      
  • Assisting groups to organize reunions
  • To provide a means for former students to maintain contact with and provide support for the School
  • To promote and maintain communication among the members of the Association and between the Association and the School
  • To promote the good name and reputation of the School
  • To arrange and coordinate educational and curricular programs and activities to assist past and present students of the School. 




All past students are eligible to join the Past Students' Association. Please email your name, address and contact details to:-


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