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Catholic Regional College Sydenham offers one of the most extensive choices for students of VCE, VET and VCAL courses out of any school in Victoria. Being a specialist senior secondary College, the school is able to offer choice for students like no other which is matched by the school's specialist facilities. No matter what a student's chosen career path, Catholic Regional College Sydenham can support every individual.

Many schools measure success by the number of high achievement students in the VCE.  At Catholic Regional College Sydenham we value excellent VCE results but also recognise that the VCE pathway to University does not suit every individual. We also value a student's decision to take up a VET program that will lead to an apprenticeship or work, we value the decision to gain employability skills through work placement programs and we value the right to choose a pathway that is suited to the individual. In valuing these choices we strive to provide students with options that will allow them to reach their full potential no matter what their chosen pathway. Every pathway is valid and every student's dream is valid. Our role is to work with students and parents to try to make these dreams, hopes and aspirations become a reality.

Current Handbooks

2019 Course Handbook

2017 Senior Pathways Administrative Handbook



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